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Welcome to Franchise Euphoria!

Franchise Euphoria is a top-rated podcast that seeks to provide growth-minded entrepreneurs with valuable and insightful information into the world of franchising. While we want you to experience the "euphoria" of this business market, we also provide a variety of tools to help you understand how to determine if franchising is the right choice for you. From the hottest trends to interviews with area-specific experts, we want to make sure you are covered on every angle of the franchise world. Our show provides the resources you need to create a long-lasting foundation for your business growth.

The Franchise 5 Package

Regardless of whether you are a new franchisor or you’ve been at it for several years, there’s a reason you’re franchise is not growing.

We've created a simplified, two-part program with tutorials, resources, and hands-on exercises to help you position your franchise for the growth you've always wanted.

Franchise 5 Logo

The man behind the mic.

Hi! I'm Josh Brown, franchise attorney and creator of the Franchise Euphoria podcast. I'm just your average guy who loves to golf, eat hibachi, and immerse myself in the ever-expanding franchise world. My goal is to navigate entrepreneurs and all people interested in the current events of franchises through all the hottest topics and most popular tools for success. Going on four years now, Franchise Euphoria is hotter than ever and ready to help you plan and execute a pathway to success.

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