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Ryan McCarty is an author, speaker and the co-founder of Culture of Good, Inc. Building upon the success of his award-winning program at TCC-Verizon, a Verizon retailer with over 800 stores, that inspires employees, ignites positive change in the world and impacts their bottomlines, Ryan and TCC-Verizon CEO Scott Moorehead created Culture of Good to teach for profit companies how to operate with the soul of a non-profit. Ryan helps other organizations engage the hearts of their employees, empowering them to make changes in their communities. His work has been featured in Inc. Magazine, Forbes, People Magazine, Huffington Post and more.


Key Takeaways:

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[0:58] Our episode today features Ryan McCarty, the author, speaker, and co-founder of Culture of Good.

[3:42] Before beginning Culture of Good, McCarty devoted his life to non-profits. He was a pastor for 17 years, built a school in Zambia with his wife, and created many after school programs in the Midwest.

[8:30] Founded in experiences from his upbringing, McCarty’s philosophy has always been “looking for ways to mobilize groups of people to make the world a better place.”

[9:58] There’s a gap between the profit that’s necessary for a business to be successful and the purpose that’s necessary for employees to be productive.

[13:26] To begin shifting this culture, you will have to grab your employees’ attention. Emotionally disruptive moments (i.e. big backpack giveaway across the country) can help to do this.

[14:28] Emotional Operating System: Where employers can operate their business through doing good but engages the passions of their employees and customers all the while aligning with the strategic intent of the company.

[18:15] Implementing this type of system can be tricky on a large scale. McCarty suggests a three-tiered strategy where everyone is collectively doing good across the country, then leveraging social media so that everyone could see the good that was being done together.

[20:45] Find the essence of your business.

[23:15] Do a culture diagnostic that evaluates the essence of your business, your employees, and your customers and find how those align.

[24:45] McCarty conducted an analysis of the efficacy of his efforts with TCC and found that employee turnover was down by 20%.

[29:05] These concepts are so important to franchising because if you improve your quality of employees, your brand and overall success will improve as well.

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