A Budding Franchise Concept with Christian Hageseth

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Christian Hageseth, CEO and Chairman of ONE Cannabis Group, has over 8 years of experience in the Colorado legal cannabis industry and more than 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur. In 2009, he founded Green Man Cannabis and by 2016 had four retail dispensary locations and two grow operations in Colorado.


While operating Green Man, Christian recognized the next step in the evolution of the retail dispensary experience: a cannabis brand that was for every consumer along with a chance for other entrepreneurs to use this brand and his expertise. In 2017, he formed ONE Cannabis as the brand in retail cannabis. Furthermore, he is the Founder & President of American Cannabis Partners, author of Big Weed: An Entrepreneur’s High Stakes Adventures in the Budding Legal Marijuana Industry, and six-time winner of Denver’s High Times Cannabis Cup.


Key Takeaways:

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[1:01] Josh introduces today’s guest, Christian Hageseth, the founder and CEO of ONE Cannabis.

[3:11] Welcome to Franchise Euphoria, Christian Hageseth!

[3:36] Christian gives a brief overview of what led him to the franchise cannabis industry.

[6:58] ONE Cannabis has sold units in Ohio, Colorado, and Michigan.

[7:52] The cannabis industry has actually been around for a while now California having legalized it in 1996 and Colorado in 1999.

[9:07] One of the biggest challenges with a cannabis business is getting financial backing through banks and credit unions.

[13:36] ONE Cannabis is a fully-vertical marijuana business meaning that they are involved in the process from cultivating the product to retailing it.

[16:40] ONE Cannabis didn’t even begin considering the franchise model until they had eight years of experience in the industry and fully ensuring they had mastered their craft.

[22:13] Currently, ONE Cannabis is focused on expanding into California. Once they overcome some franchise registration hurtles, they will benefit from having ample amount of cultivation areas for their product.

[24:36] For their franchised locations, the ideal structure is having their franchisees be the head of the business operations but with a management team in place beneath them who have relevant industry experience.

[27:00] Christian looks forward to adding the real estate component to the business since one of the biggest challenges in the cannabis business is getting the right location.

[31:26] If you want to learn more about ONE Cannabis, you should visit one-cannabis.com or give them a call at (303) 922-2122.

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