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Jason Markowicz is the founder and CEO of Fitness Premier, a fitness club franchise that offers a variety of specialty classes to help individuals achieve their fitness goals. Jason got his start in the fitness industry with his first job out of college at a health club chain. Though the locations were successful, the constant turnover in membership really bothered Jason. Fitness Premier 24/7 was conceived to address that issue. Jason created a model that had all the great features of traditional clubs but with a focus on results-oriented, individual success plans, tailored to help clients reach their fitness goals. Additionally, Jason leads Fitness Premier’s One Team One Dream Mastermind Group with all key leaders within the company.


Disclaimer: Jason Markowicz is a client of the Law Office of Josh F. Brown. Both parties willingly participated in the interview with no incentive and strive to highlight Fitness Premier’s unique franchise concept in an impartial way.


Key Takeaways:

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[1:01] Josh introduces today’s guest, Jason Markowicz, the founder and CEO of Fitness Premier 24/7, a fitness club franchise that offers a variety of specialty classes to help individuals achieve their fitness goals.

[3:05] Josh welcomes Jason to Franchise Euphoria.

[3:32] Jason runs through how he broke into the business. From his college football career to his first job out of college, the path led him to creating the Fitness Premier concept.

[6:29] Before the inception of Fitness Premier, Jason faced some challenges in driving clientele and really honed in on putting together attractive programs with incentives along the way to bring in customers.

[8:49] Fitness Premier started back in 2006 and took the concept of affordable pricing and applied top-notch programming options with extra benefits.

[10:10] The goal of Fitness Premier is to provide smaller communities with clean, well-maintained facilities that are affordable and tailored to the client.

[12:35] Franchising with Fitness Premier was really about creating opportunities for their leadership team and establishing a career path for their management.

[13:45] It is important to take your time as a business system before you begin considering franchising. That way, you can work through the challenges of growing your brand and operating multiple locations before you franchise.

[15:10] Jason considers Fitness Premier a hybrid fitness offering where they have the traditional offerings of a fitness club but with a customizability aspect to make it fun and engaging for everybody.

[16:00] Some that make up an ideal Fitness Premier franchisee include being a people person and having a good set of leadership skills.

[20:27] If you want to learn more about the Fitness Premier system, visit www.fitnesspremierclubs.com.

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