Creating a Fun and Infectious Concept with Andrew Diamond


As the president of Angry Crab Shack franchise, Andrew Diamond heads up franchise sales and leads the support and operations teams for Franchise Owners. In addition to his role, he is also CFO and the owner-operator of multiple Angry Crab Shack corporate restaurants. For fun, Andrew co-hosts a weekly sports radio show NBC Sports Radio AM1060 in Arizona.


Key Takeaways:

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[1:00] Josh introduces today’s interview guest, Andrew Diamond, the president of Angry Crab Shack franchise system.

[1:20] Josh welcomes Andrew Diamond to Franchise Euphoria.

[1:46] Andrew briefly touches on his history and what led him to his involvement with Angry Crab Shack.

[3:24] Andrew tells the audience that the inception of Angry Crab Shack started with Ron Lou, the mastermind behind the franchise concept.

[4:40] The first Angry Crab Shack location opened up in Mesa, Arizona.

[5:20] Angry Crab Shack currently has eight locations open in the Arizona area and plans to open a few more in the next few months. Andrew himself is also an owner-operator of one of these locations.

[6:18] While the nature of many restaurants is to have a high turnover, many of the employees of Angry Crab Shack have gone on to become franchise owners.

[7:25] Angry Crab Shack strives to be not just a restaurant, but a dining experience where many parties are held, and people come as much for the fun as the food.

[10:38] All of the Angry Crab Shack servers are trained on how to open shell fish to assist those who need help cracking their meal open.

[12:17] There are two types of franchise owners that Angry Crab Shack looks for: existing franchise owners of other systems who want to add their brand to their portfolio and also passionate individuals who are looking to take on multiple units.

[15:12] Angry Crab plans to build up the southwest before moving on to other regions of the US, but Andrew believes this is a concept that could work in many cities across the country.

[16:43] One of the biggest challenges for Angry Crab at the outset was the growing pains they experienced. Growing from one location to six, they had to identify the issues that were occurring and find a way to cover their bases.

[18:47] Andrew suggests that the key to successful franchise marketing is knowing what you do well and knowing what you don’t, then honing in on the good to build your brand.

[19:26] If you want to learn more about Angry Crab Shack, visit their website or their franchise website They are also active on most social media sites.

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