Crossing Over from Franchisee to Franchisor with John Ferracuti

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With over twenty-five years in franchising, John Ferracuti has a unique perspective on the industry. As an award-winning franchisee, successful Franchisee Recruiting Executive, Marketing Support Manager and Executive Leader of Bin There Dump That, he has sat successfully on both sides of the desk as franchisee and franchisor.


Key Takeaways:

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[1:00] Josh introduces today’s Franchise Euphoria guest, John Ferracuti, the COO of the Bin There Dump That franchise.

[1:47] Josh welcomes John to Franchise Euphoria.

[2:14] John starts the interview by giving a brief overview of the Bin There Dump That concept. They describe themselves as a residential-friendly dumpster business.

[5:52] While John may not have always aspired to work for a dumpster business, he was led to the franchise industry a history in sales which transitioned into a career as a franchisee, then onto joining a franchisor team for another brand.

[7:54] John was the first ever employee of the Bin There Dump That franchisor, and eleven years later in present day, the brand has grown to 170 franchise locations.

[9:05] John has learned in his years in franchising that the best franchises recognize the franchisor doesn’t work for the franchisee and the franchisee doesn’t work for the franchisor.

[11:26] While Bin There Dump That concentrated on bringing on single-unit franchisees in the beginning, they have started recruiting “city builders,” which is a multi-unit opportunity.

[17:20] With over 100 franchisees operating territories presently, the main criteria for new franchisees that Bin There Dump That looks for is a solid, generic business background, a customer-oriented background, and a proven ability to communicate.

[19:15] To ensure their franchisees possess the proper skills necessary, they conduct what is called a mutual interview, which is a multi-month process that assesses the potential candidate’s ability to succeed.

[20:40] While Bin There Dump That is looking all over for current expansion, one of their short-term goals is to expand into California within a year.

[24:51] If you’re interested in learning more about opportunities with Bin There Dump That, you can visit or go to to learn more information about the business.

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