Determining If Your Business is Right for Franchising with Jason Anderson of Venture X

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Rich with franchising, real estate, marketing and technology experience, Jason Anderson leads the Venture X brand. Jason oversees all aspects of the growth and development of this dynamic business after serving in other leadership roles at United Franchise Group including President of Accurate Franchising and Chief Technology Officer. Jason also has strong real estate management skills which he honed as the founder of Premier Property Marketing Group in Dallas. It was in that capacity that he was recognized by Forbes Magazine in their coveted “30 Under 30” list which chronicles the brashest entrepreneurs across North America.


Key Takeaways:

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[0:59] Josh introduces today’s guest, Jason Anderson, the president of Venture X.

[2:20] Josh welcomes Jason to Franchise Euphoria.

[2:41] Jason leads the audience through his experience with franchising and what led him to Venture X.

[4:27] Before joining up with United Franchise Group, Jason went through the process of franchising his own real estate business.

[9:47] Jason explains how United Franchise Group is involved with the Venture X brand.

[11:27] Venture X is a high-end, shared workplace franchise.

[12:57] To Jason’s knowledge, Venture X is the only opportunity in coworking that isn’t split ownership (i.e. all franchises, no corporate).

[18:01] Some of the differentiators between Venture X and it’s competitors include high-grade furniture, larger work spaces, and soundproof barriers between other offices.

[20:10] Venture X is targeting a variety of different spaces and locations to provide better access to more potential tenants.

[21:43] Jason shares that what a lot of their franchisees like that they provide for the coworking industry is their readily available data that is documented through third-party resources.

[23:52] Currently, Venture X has 21 locations open and about 84 sold to be open. These numbers encompass 26 countries across the globe, but they are still looking to expand in the US as well.

[28:05] Jason would encourage any potential franchisors to ask themselves why it is they think franchising their business is the answer.

[35:15] If you want to learn more about Venture X, you can visit their website listed below.

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