The Economic Benefit of Remote & Flexible Work Space with Frank Cottle



Today I’m excited to introduce Frank Cottle. He is the CEO of Alliance Virtual Offices, as well as a Chairman for The Alliance Business Center’s Network. He is an expert when it comes to virtual work spaces, flexibility, and third place working. He’s spent close to 30 years meeting the needs of small businesses and entrepreneurs. Frank is the go-to authority on cost-effective, smart, and flexible work space.

Key Takeaways:

[2:00] Frank started his company.

[3:40] Frank explains the value provided to entrepreneurs and business owners through virtual offices.

[5:11] “Just-in-time” officing is an economic advantage of virtual offices.

[7:30] Frank describes third workplace.

[9:41] Alliance Virtual Offices is similar to a franchise in the way they have scaled their business.

[10:44] Alliance Virtual Offices allows companies to casually move in and out of markets to help them scale quickly.

[11:19] Frank mentions a licensing program they offer in selected markets.

[12:30]  How to bridge the gap when clients want to cross international borders into new markets.

[17:00] It is more efficient to leave people where they are.

[18:20] The onboarding process for new clients through Alliance Virtual Offices.

[21:40] Franchisors often use meeting rooms or temporarily use virtual offices as they grow and move into new areas.

[22:55] Venture capitalists are common customers because they want what they are investing in to be successful.

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