Franchising Commercial Cleaning Services with a National Impact with Victoria Murray


Victoria Murray is a Senior Regional Director for a franchise called OpenWorks, a leading national commercial cleaning and facilities services company established in Phoenix, Arizona, in 1983. Through their franchise owners and preferred partners, OpenWorks services more than 2,500 facilities each day across the United States. They offer more than simple cleaning and maintenance. They help their customers…

Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition with Nunzio Presta


Nunzio Presta is an ex-professional athlete turned entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO at BizON. BizON is an online marketplace where people can buy, sell, and grow businesses or franchises. It is a community of people looking for opportunities to connect with buyers or sellers. There are also resources available for people who may…

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The Economic Benefit of Remote & Flexible Work Space with Frank Cottle


  Today I’m excited to introduce Frank Cottle. He is the CEO of Alliance Virtual Offices, as well as a Chairman for The Alliance Business Center’s Network. He is an expert when it comes to virtual work spaces, flexibility, and third place working. He’s spent close to 30 years meeting the needs of small businesses…

Remote Hiring with Nathan Hirsch


    Today I’m thrilled to have on Nathan Hirsch. Nathan is a serial entrepreneur, an expert in remote hiring, and an e-commerce guru. Since he began selling online in 2010, Nathan has sold more than $25 million worth of product. He is now the cofounder and CEO of, the hands-on hiring marketplace connecting…

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Marketing the Civil Way with Bill Troy

Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 11.03.28 AM

Today I’m thrilled to interview Bill Troy. Bill is an Inc. 500 CEO and a natural-born contrarian, who, for 25 years, has helped global brands like Sony, Disney and Nestle see the world from a different perspective. Bill’s forthcoming book Clicksand: How Online Marketing Will Destroy Your Business (And the Unlikely Secret to Saving It),…

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