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*Bonus Episode* Assessing Your Situation in Times of Social Distancing

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[0:59] Today is the first of a new weekly recurring mini-series Josh is starting for every Thursday. In this series, Josh will do solo episodes where he discusses the happenings of the day in franchising, particularly how they pertain to COVID-19.

[2:59] On today’s episode, Josh will be focusing on how to develop a strategy to get through this uncertain time, the first step in which is assessing the situation.

[4:27] For Josh in his business, this means taking a look at the clients or customers you’re serving. How are you serving them? Is it efficient or practical?

[7:52] It is important to set in place a plan of attack for when reality goes back to normal, and Josh believes the opportunities for attack will be plentiful when we reach that point.

[9:10] In the next couple of days, carve out the time in your day to take a hard look at your business and get an idea of where you want your business to go. Only then can you build a strategy for how to move forward after quarantines have ended.

[11:05] In the meantime, get innovative with how you can conduct your business. Josh shares an example of a title company that conducts “drive by” closings.

[12:18] Thanks for listening, and please, reach out to Josh anytime through email at If you enjoyed this interview, please leave us a review on iTunes.

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About the author, Josh

Josh Brown is a franchise and entrepreneurial attorney that helps buyers, owners, and expansion-minded businesses find success through franchising. When not working on his two businesses, you can find him on the golf course or spending time with his wife and three beautiful daughters.

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