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Crafting a Proprietary System with Don Gilmartin of TraumOne

Don Gilmartin is the Co-Founder of TraumOne Franchise Systems. In 2013, Don became an independent restoration contractor and in 2015 added a Crime & Trauma Scene clean-up division. In 2019, Don franchised the trauma division and dropped the restoration division to pursue his passion for TraumOne, a home-based recession proof service-based franchise opportunity for both Marketer or Technician profiles.

Key Takeaways:

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[0:59] Josh introduces today’s guest, Don Gilmartin, the Co-Founder of TraumOne Franchise Systems.

[1:38] Josh welcomes Don to Franchise Euphoria.

[2:19] Don gives an overview of what he does and how he got into his franchise business.

[4:35] What makes TraumOne so unique is that the structure is modeled after the funeral industry.

[5:03] In Don’s words, TraumOne is a crime and trauma scene cleanup and removal service.

[7:19] A typical TraumOne franchisee is someone who has connections with law enforcement or funeral industries, but it can have many different verticals.

[9:00] Don’s team realized that their systems and procedures were already full proof, so franchising presented itself as a viable option.

[12:22] There are two franchise opportunities within TraumOne – either a marketer or an operator. The first of which is more of the face of a location, and the operator works more within the business.

[13:54] TraumOne currently has seven franchises running in southern California, with another three set to open by the end of fourth quarter.

[19:15] Don shares how important it is to understand your industry, and how TraumOne handles their relationships with their clients, individuals who are dealing with trauma, is a very delicate process.

[23:41] If you want to learn more about TraumOne, visit their website listed below.

[24:15] Thanks for listening, and please, reach out to Josh anytime through email at If you enjoyed this interview, please leave us a review on iTunes.

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