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Leading Your Industry with Mark Van Wye of Zoom Room

Mark Van Wye is the CEO of Zoom Room, a national indoor dog gym and training facility. Zoom Room

has been painstakingly developed as the perfect pet franchise, representing years of research and

refinement to craft the ideal dog business. The Zoom Room model combines low start-up costs, low

overhead, leveraging diverse and complementary revenue streams, maximum fun factor, and flexible

hours. Prior to Zoom Room, Mark worked for 19 years at Publicis Experiences, a Seattle-based marketing and advertising agency where he provided creative consultation and educational research for a variety of high-profile clients. Additionally, Mark is the author of Puppy Training in 7 Easy Steps.


Key Takeaways:

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[0:59] Josh introduces today’s guest, Mark Van Wye, the CEO of Zoom Room, a national indoor dog training facility.

[2:57] Josh welcomes Mark to Franchise Euphoria.

[3:07] Marks shares some information about the Zoom Room concept.

[6:25] Mark has been involved with Zoom Room from the company’s start in 2007, but he was initially in a tech and marketing role.

[11:05] Zoom Room has been intended to be a franchise right from the get-go and began selling franchise in 2009.

[11:18] Josh remarks that oftentimes franchising too early can lead to some growth challenges for new franchisors.

[18:01] Mark shares that nobody in the world prior to Zoom Room was in the dog-training franchise industry and they have capitalized on a market because of this fact.

[20:21] Zoom Room was the first business in the world to use an iPad and integrated it into their system from the first day the iPad was released.

[24:08] Zoom Room currently has nine franchisees and three company-owned stores. Their ideal franchisee is someone who loves pets and community participation; they don’t necessarily have to have a prior background in this field.

[26:56] If you want to learn more about Zoom Room, you can visit their website listed below.

[27:32] Thanks for listening, and please, reach out to Josh anytime through email at If you enjoyed this interview, please leave us a review on iTunes.


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