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Putting a Spin on a Classic Concept with Bob Philips of JINYA Ramen Bar

Bob Philips serves as the Vice President of Marketing at JINYA Ramen Bar. Philips oversees JINYA’s multi-brand strategy with a goal to grow the suite of brands in the U.S., Canada and beyond; and to help both franchise owners and corporate-owned stores meet their business objective. Prior to joining JINYA, Philips previously served in leadership roles for Hilton, Banyan Tree and most recently, Oakwood.   He has directed marketing for multiple hotel and serviced apartment brands as well as both fine dining and fast casual restaurants.


Key Takeaways:

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[0:59] Josh introduces today’s guest, Bob Philips, the VP of Marketing for Jinya Ramen Bar.

[2:12] Josh welcomes Bob to Franchise Euphoria.

[2:35] Bob shares the Jinya Ramen Bar concept and a few of the key factors that make them such a unique concept.

[5:02] The JINYA founder started the concept in 2010 and began franchising in 2014.

[6:55] In addition to sourcing some ingredients from outside providers, JINYA also sells their own private label products to franchisees.

[7:40] Each JINYA location has a live bar where customers can watch the ramen being made.

[8:47] In addition to making ramen, JINYA also offers several other food types such as their spin on tapas-style small plates.

[14:00] The ideal JINYA franchisee is someone who has restaurant experience, have the capital to operate the business, and have a passion for ramen.

[15:39] With each new franchisee, they receive a marketing plan that covers a buildup period over three months prior to opening their new location.

[18:03] JINYA is looking for multi-unit franchisees who start with one or two locations, but with success are open to expanding to upwards of ten location.

[19:24] Bob credits the millennial generation with a portion of the success of unique concepts like JINYA.

[21:22] JINYA hopes to continue expanding through the US and Canada before moving into other international markets.

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