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Zoning in on a Niche Market with Nigell Lee of Xpresso Delight

Nigell Lee has been with Xpresso Delight since 2010 where his role was business development, sales and support for Western Australia. In 18 months his direct impact on the market was so significant, Xpresso Delight tapped Nigell to lead United States expansion. Over the past 2 years, Nigell has lead our corporate expansion in the New York City market, which has seen substantial growth over that period. His passion for coffee & providing top quality service resonates throughout the brand.


Key Takeaways:

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[0:59] Josh introduces today’s guest, Nigell Lee, the CEO of Xpresso Delight.

[2:14] Josh welcomes Nigell to Franchise Euphoria.

[2:48] Nigell shares his backstory with the audience and explains a bit about the Xpresso Delight concept.

[7:01] Josh asks how moving the business overseas has been and what challenges Xpresso Delight has faced.

[11:29] Nigell explains the reasons they chose New York as their first market in the US – the size of the market and the level of competition.

[13:10] The Xpresso Delight machines use fresh milk and freshly-ground beans in every cup.

[16:09] Xpresso Delight recognizes that many offices can be set in their ways, so they offer their clients a free two-week trial to test their product before committing.

[19:22] Nigell discusses the characteristics of the ideal Xpresso Delight franchisee.

[21:05] According to Nigell, Xpresso Delight is more of a side hustle in the US whereas in Australia, it’s more of a full-time opportunity.

[22:45] The three types of competitors of Xpresso Delight include traditional coffee shops like Starbucks, coffee machines like Keurig, and then whole-bean, fresh milk coffee machines.

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