Establishing a Sustainable Franchise Concept in More Ways Than One with Josh Cohen of Junkluggers

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Josh Cohen is the CEO and founder of Junkluggers. He founded Junkluggers out of his mom’s Dodge Durango fourteen years ago and has grown the company into one of the largest junk removal franchises in the country. For Josh, it’s about much more than just hauling junk away. He has a greater mission guiding everything they do. Their B.H.A.G. is to ensure no junk collected by Junkluggers enters a landfill by 2025. They are completing the process now to convert their corporation into a b-corp meaning that while they do strive for profits, they’re also driven by and held accountable to bettering the world.


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[0:59] Josh introduces today’s guest, Josh Cohen, the founder and CEO of Junkluggers.

[2:11] Josh welcomes Josh Cohen to Franchise Euphoria.

[2:31] Josh Cohen takes a moment to explain the Junkluggers concept which is the leading business in sustainable junk removal. Their goal is to minimize the amount of “junk” ending up in landfills as possible.

[5:11] Josh Cohen spent the first nine years of the business expanding throughout the region before they even considered franchising so they could be sure they got the model right.

[8:31] Junkluggers currently has 21 franchisees and about 60 markets. Josh Cohen would ideally like to grow the business by 5x over the next three years and longterm get to about five hundred markets.

[10:56] One of the biggest differentiators of Junkluggers to their competition is by putting care into repurposing the “junk” they haul and upcycling it for the better.

[12:52] Josh Cohen estimates that 90-95% of the items they haul are donated to other charities which is one of the factors helping them to achieve their goal of keeping items out of landfills.

[14:41] Some of the characteristics of an ideal Junkluggers franchisee is someone who cares about the mission, wants to be involved in their environment, and has proven results through their career previously.

[16:11] Ideally, a new franchisee will spend the first couple of months as an owner operator on the trucks and then beyond that, move into a managerial role that works on the sales, finances, and team management.

[19:50] One of the biggest challenges Josh Cohen has faced in franchising a business is managing and supporting franchise partners.

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