Announcing an Exclusive Franchise Opportunity with Anne Huntington

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Anne Huntington is a Board Member and Vice President of Business Development for Huntington Learning Center. In this role, she develops and executes programs and partnerships that position the company to help more students. Anne works with each department to ensure the company’s vision is carried out. Prior to this position, Anne served as Head of Public-Private Partnerships and Director within the family business. Anne brings more than ten years of proven experience in sales and business development within the education and art industries.


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[1:00] Josh introduces today’s guest, Anne Huntington, a board member and the Vice President of Business Development for Huntington Learning Center.

[2:03] Josh welcomes Anne to Franchise Euphoria.

[2:16] If Huntington Learning Center sounds familiar in regard to the Franchise Euphoria podcast, we hosted Eileen Huntington, the CEO of Huntington Learning Center, in an episode of Franchise Euphoria titled Uniting Passion and Strategy with Eileen Huntington that was released on May 22, 2018.

[3:03] The Huntington Learning Center story got started in 1977, and they began their franchising efforts in 1985.

[3:36] Huntington Learning Center is proud to announce that they’ve made the strategic decision to open up the New York metropolitan market for franchising opportunities. This region is where the inception of Huntington Learning Center occurred over forty years ago, and they are now presenting an opportunity for new franchises to open up and also are looking to re-franchising their corporate locations within that market.

[4:51] What sets Huntington Learning Center apart from its competitors is their world-class student results and franchisee profitability.

[7:10] As the daughter of the Huntington Learning Center founders, Anne jokes that she is “Center Number 17.” Anne’s story is unique because she’s been involved from the franchise from day one of her life, which gives her a unique perspective on the business as someone who went through the program as a student, worked at the center as an adolescent, was displayed in their promotional collateral as a model, and is now leading one of the most important sectors of their business.

[10:35] For Anne, the perfect example of an ideal Huntington Learning Center franchisee is someone who likes kids, wants to make an impact in their community, and likes the idea of going into business for themselves but not by themselves.

[11:31] The majority of the Huntington Learning Center locations are run by single-unit operators at this time, but as they look to the future, they are not ruling out any opportunities.

[12:30] There are a variety of franchisee types at Huntington Learning Center, some of which are exclusively owner operators who hire staff to run their location and some franchisees are also center directors.

[13:33] If you want to learn more about Huntington Learning Center, you can visit or head over to their franchisee site,

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