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Kimberlee White is the co-founder and CEO of JabzBoxing, which is a Phoenix-based female-only boxing studio franchise that features circuit–style workouts using boxing inspired exercises. White, along with co-founder and president, Len Hayko, opened the first studio in 2012 in Scottsdale and began franchising the following year. Jabz Boxing currently has about 20 franchised studios.


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[0:59] Josh introduces today’s guest, Kimberlee White, the co-founder and CEO of JabzBoxing.

[1:55] Josh welcomes Kim to Franchise Euphoria.

[2:27] Kim shares her journey with Jabz Boxing and how the franchise came to be.

[4:23] Being a woman who enjoyed boxing, Kim and her cofounder found that there was the need for a space for women only to have an athletic outlet where they felt empowered which led to the creation of the Jabz concept.

[6:42] When the first Jabz studio opened in 2012, they weren’t certain what the future of the company looked like, and franchising especially wasn’t on their radar at all. But news about the business quickly spread, and they moved into their first retail location.

[9:06] They decided to start franchising Jabz when repeat customers who had to travel from afar to go to their location began asking them about being able to open their own location in their own community. The first 10 franchisees of Jabz were previous customers.

[10:24] The Jabz mentality is “fitness, not fighting,” and their facility is made up of sixteen different stations that make up a circuit which changes every day.

[12:07] About 70% of the Jabz revenue comes from clients on autopay programs, but they do offer punch pass options as well.

[12:46] Josh notes that creating a franchise is a lot more than just getting together your franchise disclosure documents.

[14:07] Currently Jabz Boxing has 20 franchised and 4 corporate locations. The bulk of them are located in Arizona with a couple on the east coast.

[17:15] The ideal Jabz franchisee is not necessarily an expert in fitness but is certainly passionate about helping people. They are specifically looking for franchisees who want to be an owner-operator.

[19:26] Kim would encourage young franchisors to be very selective about who they choose as their franchisees since they are the future of the business.

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