Franchise Euphoria – Episode 4 – Do you wonder what it is actually like to run a franchise?

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Do you wonder what it is actually like to run a franchise? Or think about what it takes to run multiple franchises? If so, please tune in today. I am thrilled to have Jeff Pearson on the show. Jeff is a former Papa Murphy’s franchise owner. He began with one store and expanded to 5 locations. He has since sold his stores and now is the host of a very popular daily podcast, called Mentor Impact, where successful people come on to tell the story about their journey and the impact mentors have had on their lives and their success. Jeff is also a marching band leader, music lover, and founder and owner of Command Performance, an online music lesson company.

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About the author, Josh

Josh Brown is a franchise and entrepreneurial attorney that helps buyers, owners, and expansion-minded businesses find success through franchising. When not working on his two businesses, you can find him on the golf course or spending time with his wife and three beautiful daughters.

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