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five locations at a time

"Why The Franchise Five? Because growing your franchise in a strategic and manageable way gives you the best long term opportunity for success. By helping you expand five locations at a time, we aim to help you grow in a meaningful, targeted, and effective manner"

– Josh F. Brown, esq.

Three Strategy Sessions: One-on-one meetings to get to know your franchise and compile a plan of action.

Franchise Report: A detailed, customized plan to assist your franchise growth in the following ways:

  • Mapping out five key locations for you to grow your franchise
  • Using metrics to determine which locations are most-pressing to start with.
  • Creating connections with key vendors and and other third-parties to increase your business exposure.
  • Identifying speaking opportunities and business relationships to grow your brand.

Five Pre-Arranged Calls: Recurring appointments to touch base on your progress and provide support throughout this process.

Community Connections: Suggestions on ways for you to get plugged into your community and make the connections you need.

Franchisee Filter: A flow-through process for onboarding new and prospective franchisees.

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