From Franchisee to Franchisor with Jennifer Lemcke

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Jennifer Lemcke is the Chief Operating Officer of Weed Man lawn care. Weed Man offers lawn care services to over 500,000 customers across North America. Weed Man’s success has been built one customer at a time through a network of devoted franchises owners. Currently Weed Man has 309 Franchise License Agreements representing over 680 territories.


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[1:00] Josh introduces today’s Franchise Euphoria guest, Jennifer Lemke, the COO of Weed Man lawn care.

[1:50] Josh welcomes Jennifer Lemke to Franchise Euphoria.

[2:46] Jennifer gives a quick overview of her background in franchising. She was introduced to the franchise world at the age of 16 when her father purchased his first franchise.

[5:22] As of October 2018, Jennifer and her team officially own the Weed Man brand worldwide.

[6:27] One of the benefits of Weed Man’s model is that they are a recurring revenue system, so they don’t have to rebuild their customer base yearly.

[7:59] Josh explains that a master franchisor is a role where you acquire the rights to come to certain territories and help the franchisor grow the brand. Typically, this involves operating a certain number of franchise locations yourself in addition to recruiting new franchisees.

[9:35] Weed Man offers services pertaining to lawn care with the exception of lawn cutting services.

[11:32] Having grown up around lawn care franchises, Jennifer finds that it gives her team a sense of credibility since you know what you’re talking about and can easily roll out the plan for new franchisees.

[14:39] Weed Man is the largest multi-unit franchisee in Canada.

[17:32] Weed Man offers a unique training program where its franchise employees can undergo franchisee training and then their current operator will open a new location and run it as a partner with the newly-trained franchisee.

[18:59] Jennifer suggests that the multi-unit concept has become popular in the franchise world to grow your top line.

[21:32] Jennifer feels like throughout their journey, any mistakes that were made really made their business stronger.

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