Franchising Commercial Cleaning Services with a National Impact with Victoria Murray


Victoria Murray is a Senior Regional Director for a franchise called OpenWorks, a leading national commercial cleaning and facilities services company established in Phoenix, Arizona, in 1983. Through their franchise owners and preferred partners, OpenWorks services more than 2,500 facilities each day across the United States. They offer more than simple cleaning and maintenance. They help their customers fundamentally improve their work environment. Their services include janitorial, landscape, maintenance, pest control, handyman supply management, and much more.

Key Takeaways:

[1:19] Josh welcomes Victoria Murray to the show.

[2:55] The founder, Eric, started OpenWorks in 1983 to franchise commercial cleaning services.

[3:08] Victoria tells how OpenWorks grew into a national organization.

[4:23] OpenWorks has advantages that set them apart from other commercial cleaning franchises. Victoria explains the differences.

[5:32] Victoria mentions the relatively low cost of entry to purchase an OpenWorks franchise and other advantages enjoyed by franchisees.

[6:19] Victoria covers how a new OpenWorks franchisee starts up.

[9:12] OpenWorks franchisees do commercial cleaning. A franchisee at a growth point can branch into additional service offerings for multiple revenue streams.

[15:20] Victoria talks about the continuing growth of OpenWorks. Their structure is the key. Regional support offices help different markets replicate success.

[17:59] OpenWorks has many national customers. These organizations can consolidate services across the country by using the same franchise system at different facilities.

[19:48] OpenWorks conducts in-person training in regional markets.

[21:39] Franchisees can find their own customers, besides the customers provided through OpenWorks and franchisees can get back office support for these customers.

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