A Fresh Franchise Concept with Hector Westerband

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Hector Westerband is the founder of Acai Express. His franchise units and company survived Hurricane Maria and helped feed people after the crisis. He has now brought the brand to the USA with the same passion and persistence that not only launched the 16-unit brand but also brought him through the troubled time in Puerto Rico. Acai Express creates an experience for people to “unplug” from the noise and stress of day-to-day life. Their mission is simple–to serve the best tasting, highest quality super food bowls that go hand in hand with a lifestyle based around health and fun.


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[1:00] Josh introduces today’s guest, Hector Westerband, the founder and CEO of Acai Express.

[1:59] Josh welcomes Hector Westerband to Franchise Euphoria.

[2:35] Acai Express currently has fifteen locations in Puerto Rico and is beginning to expand into the United States now.

[4:26] For Hector, recognizing the demand for his products plus having a great mentor really helped him propel his business into fruition.

[6:45] In addition to bringing the spotlight to the acai berry, which is filled with antioxidants, they also highlight other superfoods such as the pitaya.

[8:28] The first Acai Express brick and motor location was established in Cocoa Beach, FL two years ago.

[11:04] With two franchise locations in the US, Acai Express is focusing their efforts on attracting new franchisees to their model for further expansion.

[12:24] Hector recognized the demand for his business and thought to himself, if I don’t do this, somebody else will which is what led to him franchising after only a year and a half of having his business open.

[13:25] Acai Express has tried a number of strategies for attracting new franchisees but are currently putting their efforts into bringing leads in through their website. They also use a third party company to assist with their growth.

[14:27] Hector believes that one of the biggest differentiators for their industry is the quality level their products provide.

[16:28] If you’re interested in learning more about Acai Express, you can visit AcaiExpress.com or for franchise information visit AcaiExpressFranchise.com.

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