Gaining Perspective from a Brand New Franchisee Team with Sean and Jennifer McManus

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Sean & Jennifer McManus are lifelong veterans of the entertainment industry. Sean has been singing in bands since the early eighties and making a living at it since the mid-nineties as a professional singer & performer in several various, genre-based “Las Vegas-style” show revues. Jennifer has been dancing since the age of two and has danced professionally as a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, where she did USO tour in Iraq, Afghanistan & Kuwait. She was also a Dallas Mavericks Dancer and performer at Disney World. They are the newest owners of the franchise Party Princess Productions in Dallas, Texas. Party Princess Dallas provides princess and superhero character rentals for parties of all ranges, from birthday to private to corporate events.


Key Takeaways:

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[0:59] Josh introduces today’s guests, Sean and Jennifer McManus, the newest franchisees of Party Princess Productions.

[2:39] Josh welcomes Sean and Jennifer to Franchise Euphoria.

[3:46] Sean and Jennifer give an overview of their career paths over the years and what led them to purchasing a Party Princess Productions franchise.

[5:14] The McManuses consulted a franchise broker to assist them with selecting a franchise to buy into, and they were presented with a few options, one of which was Party Princess Productions.

[6:45] Jennifer always envisioned herself as being a fulltime mom, and the two of them just having started their family, franchising seemed like a good fit to make family time a priority.

[7:58] Party Princess Productions is a nationwide entertainment company that provides high-end themed entertainment for birthday parties such as Disney princesses, Star Wars, superheroes, etc.

[8:42] Sean and Jennifer purchased the Dallas franchise which had previously been operated by another owner.

[16:00] The McManuses felt that their franchise broker was very instrumental in having them make an informed business decision and getting a general overview of what the franchising would mean in their lives.

[16:47] A franchise broker is someone whose job it is to direct potential franchisees toward opportunities they are best suited for. They are typically hired by a network of franchises that will offer them a commission of someone they send over signs on with that franchise.

[18:55] Josh touches on the importance of getting a good professional team behind your franchise purchase which should include a broker, an accountant or CPA, and an attorney.

[20:54] Jennifer shares that it’s important to remember that opening a franchise can tend to take longer than expected and factor that into your timeline.

[22:30] Sean reflects on their experience using a lender to finance their franchise. In retrospect, he might have shopped around for multiple lender options before making a decision.

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