Growing Your Franchise Through Quality PR with Jamie Izaks

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Jamie Izaks is the founder and president of All Points Public Relations. The agency has an international clientele base with a focused niche on the franchise industry, and its client base spans multiple verticals including restaurants, retail, health care, tech, education, lifestyle and more. All Points Public Relations integrates its work across media relations, social media, content marketing and digital marketing — spanning earned, owned and paid media.


Key Takeaways:

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[1:00] Josh introduces today’s interview guest, Jamie Izaks, the founder and president of All Points Public Relations.

[1:52] Josh welcomes Jamie to Franchise Euphoria.

[2:32] Jamie takes a moment to take you through what led him to the PR world, and specifically how he got interested in doing PR for franchises.

[5:52] Jamie and his wife, who is his co-partner at All Points, started the business with the intention of honing in on the franchise space because they saw the unique opportunities they presented and also recognized the opportunity for themselves to niche their business toward a specific consumer.

[6:44] Jamie shares that his clients, all of which at this point are only in the franchising industry, typically need assistance in one of two ways: franchise development and consumer marketing.

[8:24] Jamie estimates that while roughly 45% of All Points clients are in the restaurant industry, they also assist franchises in a variety of fields including fitness, health care, sales programs, and more.

[12:09] One of the most key components to Jamie to providing effective PR is going through an intense diagnosis when the service begins to truly understand what each franchise is looking to get out of the process.

[13:04] Jamie mentions that starting a PR plan is not like flipping a switch, which is why they find it’s important for his clients to see the process through for at least six months before deciding if it is effective.

[14:37] In sample analogy, Jamie tells the audience once you “build” the house, you have to “maintain” the house.

[15:22] Jamie suggests that one of the biggest steps to take when using PR to grow your brand is to make sure you have the structure in place to support your growth.

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