Identifying and Growing Your Niche with Peter Hans of Discovery Map

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Peter Hans started his career as a commercial banker based in Boston. He traveled around New England and studied at night for his MBA at Babson College. When he received his degree, he moved to Zurich, Switzerland, and became an investment banker. He lived there for six years and later London for six more. During that time, he was fortunate enough to travel to most every major European capital and also to Australia, Asia, and South America.

Shortly before leaving London, he married his wife and they moved back to the States to start a family. The lure of purchasing a company that merges travel maps and franchise ownership was two-fold for Peter: throughout his travels, he was always looking for a resource that provided quick and easy-to-find information about all of the businesses and services a place has to offer. Discovery Map International is exactly that resource. The second part of the equation is that he truly enjoys owning his own business, nurturing it, and watching it succeed, grow, and profit. It stands to reason that he not only owns the company as the franchisor, but also has jumped into the exciting shoes of franchise ownership himself.


Key Takeaways:

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[0:59] Josh introduces today’s guest, Peter Hans of Discovery Map franchise.

[2:29] Josh welcomes Peter to Franchise Euphoria.

[3:01] Peter tells the audience about his travels which ultimately led him to his industry.

[4:59] Discovery Map is essentially a business for caricature-drawn maps for specific communities used for advertisement purposes within a territory.

[11:12] The Discovery Map system typically involves one map per territory but from time to time multiple franchisees will own multiple territories.

[13:48] The maps involved with Discovery Map are not necessarily drawn to scale but rather to draw attention to specific commerce.

[18:35] Discovery Map relies on relationships with different vendors to mediate the printing of the maps, and the franchisees are responsible for the actual printing of the individual maps.

[19:51] The ideal Discovery Map franchisee is ideally someone with sales experience, but it is not a requirement. They must be good at engaging with people and look forward to building new relationships.

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