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Today we welcome to the show Joe and Bix Bickson, a father/son duo who focus on “future hacking” and transformational conversations with leaders of great businesses. A Future Hack is to get inside your guts, the guts of your organization and develop the ability to create and fulfill the future of your choosing. Bix and Joe’s method is a practical approach to impact our everyday thinking and actions. Their intention is to literally break open what is possible for you and your business. The Bicksons have been instrumental in helping companies find alignment around their values and mission in the world, working closely with teams at all levels in the organization through a deep and iterative process.


Show Notes:

[3:05] One of the biggest challenges in franchising your business is adapting for the inevitable growth that comes as more people become part of your system.

[6:30] Differentiating doing work for people and doing work with people.

[7:46] Making the simple confusing is easy, but making the confusing simple is mastery.

[8:36] Begin by considering what actually causes us to act the way we act and what causes those around us to act the way they do.

[11:05] It is possible to listen to a conversation and critically think through if the content reflects what you believe the future of your business is heading toward.

[14:58] The importance of acting consistent with the conversations that we are listening to.

[18:20] People consistently attack the most vulnerable instead of confront the most powerful.

[20:15] Why 75% of change efforts fail.

[21:30] Ideas are never powerful enough by themselves to have traction, unless you have leader-backed commitment.

[22:10] How does a leader develop themselves?

[24:10] It is possible to harbor doubts and worries while still having commitment.

[25:35] Leaders are there to create an extraordinary future for their business and create the pathways for those they are leading.

[30:15] The combination of being ruthless and compassionate is the secret ingredient for leading your team.

[35:26] Recognizing that we can commit to extraordinary outcomes and creating the path to fulfill them. It is our job to remind each other of what’s possible.



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