Innovating Critical Industries with Rebecca Amis and Jeff King

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Rebecca Amis, chief innovation officer of MUSE Global, LLC., cofounded MUSE School in 2006 and has served as president and advisory board chair for more than a decade. Jeff King, CEO of MUSE Global, LLC., serves as head of MUSE School and led the school to being named one of the top 100 most progressive schools by

MUSE school, founded by James Cameron, Suzy Amis Cameron and Rebecca Amis, is a passion-based early education program built on a sustainable platform. Their innovative learning system features a plant-based lunch program, and they offer special courses such as seed-to-table to compliment their core academics. In an effort to deliver the highest quality education to young children around the world and impact the planet through better understanding of sustainable living, they announced their international franchise opportunities in December.


Key Takeaways:

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[1:00] Josh introduces today’s guests, Rebecca Amis and Jeff King, who are part of MUSE Global, LLC.

[1:43] Josh welcomes Rebecca and Jeff to Franchise Euphoria.

[2:29] Rebecca starts off the interview by telling the listeners about her upbringing and how she came to co-found MUSE School.

[4:16] Jeff briefly tells the listeners what led him to join with MUSE School.

[5:12] Jeff describes how the current education landscape is not able to keep up with what students will actually benefit from, and that’s where the core values of MUSE School come into play.

[7:22] Josh agrees that there does seem to be a disconnect between the traditional way of learning and where we are now as a society.

[8:41] Rebecca points out that not all kids learn the same which calls for a variety of teaching methods getting implemented in the classroom.

[11:27] When Rebecca and her sister opened MUSE, they quickly got a lot of international recognition which led them to start building their model towards a global franchise.

[12:56] MUSE Global has decided to focus on early childhood development to start, so they are currently offering early childhood opportunities domestically but hope to expand this in the coming years.

[15:14] Rebecca shares that just after a year or two of opening their doors, people were contacting them about potential opportunities to open a MUSE School location themselves. Now that they are finally finished building their intellectual property, they are focusing on their expansion efforts.

[16:20] The niche franchisee that would fit the MUSE Global LLC system is someone who both wants to make money but also make change in the education industry.

[17:04] Jeff explains that environment plays a big role at MUSE and not just in the learning setting sense but also sustainability.

[17:58] Ever since their decision to go global, they’ve had a lot of interest in getting new locations opened. The MUSE Global team has worked hard to get the right tools in place to keep up with the demand for their growing system.

[19:50] Jeff shares that the most difficult challenge for him throughout this expansion is learning the ins and outs of franchise laws and requirement.

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