Leveraging Creativity for Franchise Success

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[0:22] Today’s episode of Franchise Euphoria is brought to you by The Franchise 5 package. Head over to franchiseeuphoria.com/franchise5 to learn more!

[1:01] The focus of today’s episode is to highlight another unique and interesting franchise concept that brings an interesting perspective to the realm of franchising. This episode is not an endorsement of any franchise concepts.

[2:08] Josh will be providing some information on the Anger Room franchise system for today’s episode. The Anger Room is essentially a facility that fills rooms with breakable objects with the intention of their patrons destroying everything in the room.

[3:15] Just thinking about the inception of this concept is fascinating. Somebody out there saw the need for people to have a space to release pent up angst and decided to make it a franchise system.

[4:03] The most successful franchise systems are reflections of the needs and problems of the consumers and offer a solution, even in creative outlets such as Anger Room.

[5:01] Before you buy into a concept like this or even creating a concept similar to it, be sure you think less about the end game and more about how valuable you will be to the market place.

[5:58] In an old blog article Josh wrote in 2013 called Three Common Misconceptions about Buying a Franchise, he addressed the myth that there’s no room for creativity in franchising which couldn’t be further from the truth.

[6:45] There’s nothing wrong with creating a franchise system that is creative and localized to the community it’s within.

[7:18] The takeaway point for today is when you’re thinking about your or any franchise, just remember that there are a lot of unique opportunities out there. If you can match a specific need in the marketplace that is easily replicated, there is a good chance you can turn it into a franchise.

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