Paving the Path to the American Dream with Reed Nyffeler

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Signal 88 Security was founded in 2003 and became the premier security services franchisor in 2008 under Reed Nyffeler’s leadership. Reed Nyffeler, now CEO, is a lifelong entrepreneur with a passion for building and training teams, leadership development, innovative solutions, and creating strategic plans for growth. Prior to founding Signal 88, Nyffeler was the Sales Director at Brite Ideas Decorating in Omaha NE, where he sold more than 200 distributorships.

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[1:01] Josh introduces today’s guest, Reed Nyffeler, the founder and CEO of Signal 88.

[2:22] Josh welcomes Reed to Franchise Euphoria.

[2:35] Reed gives an overview of how Signal 88 came to be.

[3:27] One of the biggest things that Reed loves about the franchise model is that he helps his franchise fulfill the “American dream.”

[3:52] When Reed was with Bright Idea, there were 286 locations across the country.

[4:33] While Reed didn’t necessarily have any specific ties to security, he recognized that security is a core need, which led him to the development of Signal 88.

[5:16] A franchisor is less of an industry expert and more of a business expert to assist franchisees with capitalizing on their market.

[6:39] Signal 88 provides support to their franchisees to help them acquire clients and manage their administrative needs on the back end of the business.

[7:02] Signal 88 is a physical security provider. Meaning they do security patrol of businesses, apartment complexes, etc.

[7:57] Typically, the Signal 88 franchisees aren’t actively providing security, but it is beneficial for them to have some type of experience in that field so they have an idea of what to look for when hiring their security personnel.

[10:44] Signal 88 currently has over 450 territories worldwide.

[11:30] Reed believes one of the most difficult parts of franchising is looking at your business and determining what can be duplicated and also what makes your business unique.

[13:29] Reed put together the Signal 88 operations manual himself and believes living the manual is more important than reading it.

[15:37] As a business owner, ask yourself why you want to grow.

[16:32] Reed believes that as a franchisor, your goal should be to create a path to live out the American dream for your franchisees.

[17:57] The biggest criteria point for Signal 88 franchisees is making sure they are someone who values impeccable customer service.

[18:57] One of the biggest challenges Signal 88 faced was finding people that believe in the “disrupting” aspect of their business. Furthermore, he had issues with bringing people in who wanted a “front row ticket” to the show, but not put in the effort to help put the show on.

[20:37] The best thing about this franchise, to Reed, is fostering relationships with their personnel and seeing how their lives have been impacted.

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