A Proven and Profitable Business with Matt Miller

We have the opportunity to talk with Matt Miller from School Spirit Vending. This is his second time on our show and since his last visit, his business has grown tremendously. He is approaching 109 locations. Matt transitioned from a distributorship model to a franchise model. There have been challenges along the way, but today he has a thriving business that provides passive income for families and allows schools to fundraise through vending machines. He continues to grow and develop his business. His focus is on people and maintaining a positive culture. He delivers two podcasts a week to his team. He believes it is his responsibility to provide value and help his franchisees be as successful as possible.

Key Takeaways:

[:36] Matt Miller is welcomed to the show.

[1:57] Matt recaps what School Spirit Vending is.

[3:00] In the beginning, School Spirit Vending often starts as a side hustle for franchisees.

[5:41] School Spirit Vending is a system where proprietary vending machines are set up in schools. They provide students the opportunity to buy school spirit items.

[6:06] Focus shifts to the process Matt went through to transition his business to a franchise system.

[8:15] Transitioning from a distributorship model to a franchise model.

[15:15] Building a team to help the operational aspect of franchising; bringing in expertise when needed.

[18:10] Matt spends the majority of his time working with franchisees, focusing on maintaining culture, leadership, and training.

[20:40] A private podcast for people inside the business is a great way to communicate and educate team members. It also allows a way to share the success of individuals.

[23:23] The podcast is a win-win for everyone and is an excellent resource.

[25:45] Challenges of being a franchisor include having a steady stream of prospective franchisees, reaching new areas, and keeping up with the legal ramifications of being a franchise.

[29:25] Matt has written an ebook available for anyone interested in the possibility of becoming a School Spirit Vending franchisee. You can also check out his Vending Secrets course.

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