Recruiting Multi-Unit Franchisees with Scott Nichols

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Floyd’s 99 Barbershop was established in 1999 by brothers Paul, Rob and Bill O’Brien on the principle that a good haircut should not come at a high cost. Driven by its client-first approach and authentic vibe that offers an alternative twist on an old school classic, Floyd’s 99 has thrived over the past two decades as it carved out its niche in the $64 billion hair grooming industry. Scott Nichols recently joined the team as Director of Franchise Sales to help bring the brand to new heights.


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[1:57] Josh introduces today’s guest, Scott Nichols, of the Floyd’s 99 Barbershop franchise. Scott recently joined their team as the Director of Franchise Sales.

[2:48] Josh welcomes Scott to Franchise Euphoria.

[3:13] Scott has been in the franchising industry for over 25 years now and has worked with a variety a franchise types from food service, hotels, boutique fitness and everything in between.

[4:15] Scott first found the Floyd’s 99 franchise concept by randomly walking by one location in Chicago and he was captivated by what he saw.

[5:47] The Floyd’s 99 Barbershop culture is a hybrid between old-time barbershop and modern, edgy, rock n roll.

[6:51] While barbershops have traditionally been catered towards men, Scott shares that you will find people of all ages and gender using their services.

[7:29] The first Floyd’s 99 location opened in 2001 in Denver, Colorado.

[8:37] Of the 117 shops Floyd’s currently has open, 32 are franchised locations.

[9:46] Floyd’s may consider transitioning certain markets currently designated as company markets into franchisee markets in the future, but it is a continually evolving strategy.

[11:33] Floyd’s looks to recruit franchisees that have experience operating multiple franchise units regardless of the industry.

[13:05] Philanthropy is at the forefront of Floyd’s efforts. JDRF is their official philanthropy but each location participates in a variety of local philanthropic opportunities.

[15:25] To Scott, the biggest challenge a franchise has is conveying recommendations to franchisees successfully in order to better facilitate their success.

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