Reinventing Your Franchise System with Robyn Goby

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When people talk about the heart and soul of Fleet Feet, Robyn’s name almost always comes up. A passionate and magnetic executive, Robyn oversees all franchise development opportunities, traveling across the country to meet with prospective owners, conversion candidates, and Fleet Feet store employees to discuss the pathway to ownership.


Key Takeaways:

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[1:00] Josh introduces today’s guest, Robyn Goby, the VP of Development for Fleet Feet.

[1:55] Josh welcomes Robyn to Franchise Euphoria.

[2:25] Robyn gives a brief overview of the inception of the Fleet Feet franchise system and how her involvement began.

[4:37] Fleet Feet came under new ownership in the early nineties which is about when Robyn began working for the company. This new owner did a total overhaul of the system and essentially reinvented a business that had been around for nearly twenty years.

[9:04] When Tom bought Fleet Feet, he understood that there were several things that needed to be done in order to get it to the next chapter.

[10:54] Robyn credits their success in their ability to grow with watching their customer and seeing where they were headed in order to accommodate them.

[13:16] When Tom first purchased Fleet Feet, Robyn started as a Franchise Support Coordinator, but now she focuses on the company development.

[15:12] One of Robyn’s main jobs at this point is finding franchise candidates and vetting them through the entire recruitment process.

[17:24] Robyn has found that it can be challenging to recruit franchisees proactively, but recently, many people who were employees of a Fleet Feet location have grown through the system to become franchisees themselves.

[20:18] While you might think the ideal Fleet Feet franchisee is solely people from retail, you actually don’t need to have a retail background to be a franchisee. You do have to have an appreciation for a healthy lifestyle and are extremely driven. These are people who find fulfillment is helping people achieve their goals.

[22:52] If you want to learn more about Fleet Feet, visit or you can visit to get franchising information. Robyn also welcomes anyone who wants to contact her to dial her direct line which is (919) 913-4403 or send her an email to

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