Revisiting Bob Burg & the Five Principles of Business and Life

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[1:01] On today’s episode, Josh is throwing it back to an episode he recorded with Bob Burg, the co-author of the Go Giver series, back in 2014. Josh has found that in going through the show archives, many of the principles from this episode are still applicable today and wanted to call everyone’s attention to it.

[3:12] Josh introduces Bob Burg, a public speaker at corporate and entrepreneurial events. While Bob is known for his book “Endless Referrals,” he has captured the heart and imagination of his readers with his book, The Go Giver.

[5:04] Josh welcomes Bob to Franchise Euphoria.

[6:01] Bob was led to write The Go Giver because he saw the need in the business community for people to develop the ability to influence others.

[8:40] The difference between persuasion and manipulation is that when you persuade someone, you are moving someone by influence to a desired action by positive means. Whereas manipulation is influence by way of threatening negative repercussions.

[14:51] Bob gives a brief overview of the five principles mentioned in the book which are:

1) Control your own emotions

2) Understand the clash of belief systems

3) Acknowledge their ego

4) Set the proper frame

5) Communicate with tact and empathy

[15:24] The difference between influence and ultimate influence is regular influence the ability to move a person to a certain thought or action. Ultimate influence is that you are doing so in such a way that everyone comes away feeling good about the transaction.

[21:00] A belief can be defined as a “subjective truth.” Sometimes one’s self-truth and actual truth fall in line together, but this isn’t always the case. A belief system is comprised of everything from upbringing to pop-culture and everything in between.

[24:15] The ego is the part of us that recognizes we are unique individuals, separate from every other person. When our ego gets out of control, we start acting in an unproductive way.

[26:20] The main ingredient to make someone take a certain action is making them feel good about themselves.

[27:52] A frame is a foundation from which everything evolves. The key to success is having the ability to reset somebody’s negative frame.

[32:05] Tact is the language of strength. Tact ties the other principles together because it is a way to correct, constructively critique, and establish framework with a proper mindset.

[33:54] The one question you can ask to keep a potential misunderstanding from taking place is “what do you mean by…?” But be sure you add a tactical softener such as “just for clarification…”

[40:29] When it comes to leadership and influence, as important as words are, it’s more who you are, which is where character comes into play.

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