Setting Intentions for Your Franchise with Todd Evans

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Todd Evans joined uBreakiFix as VP of Franchising in July 2015. He is instrumental in ensuring that uBreakiFix partners with the right individuals to represent the brand in new and growing markets. With his guidance, uBreakiFix has consistently been named among the fastest growing companies. He previously held the same position at Aaron’s Inc. where he launched a mega-successful franchise division.

Key Takeaways:

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[1:01] Today’s Franchise Euphoria guest is Todd Evans, the VP of Franchising at uBreakiFix.

[2:21] Josh welcomes Todd to Franchise Euphoria.

[2:42] Todd does a quick overview of the uBreakiFix franchise concept; they are a technology repair company that will “fix anything with a power button.”

[3:24] Before his involvement with uBreakiFix, Todd worked for Aarons, Inc. for 23 years.

[5:20] The nature of the franchising industry is to find a need in the industry. uBreakiFix is well-suited for this as nearly everybody uses new technology these days, especially phones and tablets.

[6:15] Over Todd’s first 24 months, he found that the business was extremely scaleable, and with this in mind, the business has grown to over 400 locations with another 490 franchise locations committed to open over the next 36 months.

[7:02] One of the most attractive aspects of the franchise system has been the area development agreement, which consists of franchisees receiving the rights to a specific area to open multiple units within over the course of time.

[8:02] uBreakiFix also sells technology accessories like phone cases, but they have to be careful to make sure their suppliers don’t view them as competition.

[9:40] The inception of uBreakiFix started with their founder and CEO, Justin, who broke his iPhone while he was in college. When he took it to a repair business, he found that it would be a five day wait before it could get looked at on top of exorbitant fees. He then fixed it himself, and the business was born.

[11:26] The first uBreakiFix location was opened in Orlando, FL.

[12:07] Their franchising efforts began will selling about half of their corporate owned stores to the onsite store managers for each location.

[14:55] uBreakiFix has four types of potential franchisees they typically focus their efforts on.

[18:11] Todd believes uBreakiFix has four glaring points that set them apart from competitors in the business.

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