Shining the Spotlight on a Legal Franchise Concept with Joe Donnini

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Joe Donnini is the founder of Legal Value Firm, a general practice law firm, with attorneys practicing in a professional retail space, giving clients greater access to legal services, in a branded environment. They opened their doors in January 2014 and quickly shifted to the franchise model after receiving such a positive response from their community. Joe is an experienced attorney, entrepreneur, educator, and business consultant and has assisted clients in key areas of business creation, development, operations, and finance. Legal Value Franchise is committed to redefining the legal industry by working with like-minded licensed attorneys in states where they are approved to do business who want to grow, convert, or start practices under the Legal Value Firm brand.

Key Takeaways:

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[1:01] Josh introduces today’s guest, Joe Donnini, the founder of Legal Value Firm which led to the development of Legal Value Franchise.

[3:09] Welcome to Franchise Euphoria, Joe Donnini!

[4:11] Joe and the Legal Value team are attempting to change the standard of legal delivery services, and takes pride in being the first law firm franchise system.

[5:30] Joe has been a practicing attorney for 22 years and has past experience as a professor of law before he developed the Legal Value concept.

[8:58] Legal Value Franchise offers an opportunity for those licensed attorneys who want to be in business for themselves but not necessarily by themselves.

[13:32] It made sense to Joe to set up the business as a retail center with business hours from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM in order to make his business more approachable and simplify the process of using an attorney.

[18:06] In setting themselves up as a retail location, oftentimes they will get inquiries that they can’t assist with, which has been great for them in developing a relationship with local attorneys they can refer people to and vice versa.

[24:24] In order to comply with state bar requisites, Legal Value Franchise retains aggregate revenues on their locations, but doesn’t require their franchisees to submit any confidential client information.

[30:18] A key focus for Legal Value Franchise is maintaining clear communication with the California bar so they can remain in compliance and better position their franchisees for success.

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