Modeling Strategic Growth with Andrea Moore

Andrea Moore at expo

Andrea Moore has been with Discovery Point for six years. As Executive Director she is responsible for franchise owner support in areas of childcare policy, teacher training, and more. Additionally, she serves as a part of the corporate management team in planning and executing long-range goals including growth and development of the franchise system, growth of the corporate support team, and guiding new franchisees through the steps to center ownership.


Key Takeaways:

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[1:01] Josh introduces today’s guest, Andrea Moore, Executor Director of Discovery Point, a child development center franchise.

[2:37] Josh welcomes Andrea to the show.

[3:11] Andrea first began with Discovery Point as a teacher to the teachers of the programs offered through their business.

[6:04] Andrea was surprised to learn how small the business was considering the trend of child development in the South. She saw an opportunity to invest in people and help a company grow.

[8:08] Discovery Point has been around for decades and prides themselves on slow and steady growth of quality facilities. They are currently focusing on expanding their market in China, Tampa, and Houston.

[9:45] One of the unique qualities of every Discovery Point location is their huge glass window that allows observers to see all the way to the back of the facility and into every classroom. Additionally, the facility provides a sound real estate investment for the franchisees.

[12:45] Many franchise systems require their franchisees to take on the responsibility of building out the facility location, but Discovery Point takes the lead on the buildout for their facility so that their franchisees can spend their preparation time focused on other things.

[13:21] The ideal franchisee for Discovery Point is a people person with an entrepreneurial spirit and an open mind.

[14:50] Discovery Point franchisees are required to head up a seasoned director and assistant director who run the daily operations while the franchisees can focus on business management and marketing efforts.

[15:42] Another aspect Discovery Point prides themselves on is allowing their franchisees to let their passions shine through their business. Sometimes owners plant community gardens, other directly involve the business with specific philanthropies. This is an important part of giving their specific business a face.

[17:52] The Discovery Point curriculum is standardized throughout all facilities, not just from state to state.

[20:35] In addition to focusing on the growth of their number of locations, Discovery Point is also on focusing growing their staff, specifically in marketing.

[22:37] One of the biggest challenges Discovery Point franchisees face is motivating and maintaining teaching staff.

[26:15] If you want to get in touch with the Discovery Point corporate office, you can call (770) 622-2122, and if you’d like to speak with Andrea, her direct extension is 123.

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