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Operations manuals. We’ve talked about them before, and we’ll be diving deeper into how to implement good systems in the next several episodes. Also in this episode, Josh reminds us of why systems and processes are crucial to a successful business, and thanks his faithful listeners for tuning in after his recent break from podcasting.

Key Takeaways:

[:36] Josh is excited to be back after taking a long break from podcasting.

[2:13] A journalist recently contacted Josh to write an article about the Franchise Euphoria podcast and how it has affected his own business.

[3:26] Thank you to all of the listeners that have reached out to Josh to tell him how Franchise Euphoria has impacted their own businesses.

[4:27] If you’re interested in learning more about franchising, Josh would love to hear from you.

[5:39] Having an operations manual is crucial.

[8:27] For the next several episodes Josh will be focusing on the operations side of business.

[9:07] You have to start somewhere.

[9:28] It’s important to know your own strengths and weaknesses.

[10:14] We’re going to be talking about how specific steps to help you implement better operations in your own business.

[10:45] Thanks again for listening, and please, reach out to Josh anytime through email at

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Josh Brown is a franchise and entrepreneurial attorney that helps buyers, owners, and expansion-minded businesses find success through franchising. When not working on his two businesses, you can find him on the golf course or spending time with his wife and three beautiful daughters.

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