Uniting Passion and Strategy with Eileen Huntington

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Eileen Huntington is the CEO of Huntington Learning Center, the nation’s leading tutoring and test prep franchise, which she co-founded with her husband Ray in 1977. Eileen was a teacher in NYC and NJ where she witnessed students struggling firsthand, and she and her husband were able to translate those lessons from her classroom to pioneer the $4 billion+ tutoring industry. Eileen’s most recent honor was being named the 2017 IFA Entrepreneur of the Year.


Key Takeaways:

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[1:00] Our episode today features Eileen Huntington, the CEO and founder of Huntington Learning Center, a franchise system built upon over forty years of dedication to quality children’s education.

[2:08] One of the things you should pay attention to in today’s episode is how much effort and strategizing went into this system before Eileen and her husband decided to franchise.

[2:35] Josh welcomes Eileen to the show.

[3:05] Huntington Learning Center has 300 franchise location in over 41 states.

[5:42] Eileen had the educational experience and her husband, Ray, had the business experience needed in order to get their business started.

[7:50] By 1985, they had opened eighteen centers. This was the point they decided to pursue franchising.

[12:13] When they first expanded to their second and third locations, they realized that in order to grow, they were going to need more people who were trained properly and were likeminded.

[16:42] They decided to franchise when they realized they had a system that could taken to a national scale.

[20:10] The tools Huntington Learning Center uses to reach out to franchisees include various internet platforms, brokers, searching, and portals.

[21:00] Most franchise systems have fifty units or less.

[22:50] Huntington Learning Center has helped over one million kids since its inception. Crafting a business that reaps personal rewards that make you feel fulfilled helps drive success.

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